After watching YouTube videos and spending hours on Google, you’re still left with no game plan on how to turn your ideas into a profitable online store and brand.

You are ready to finally learn the step-by-step process of effectively launching your online store from someone who is currently in the game. 

You want to begin connecting with your ideal target customer and start making an additional income online, but your lack of direction has resulted in you becoming frustrated, and you are unsure what your next step should be.

If that's you, you're in the right place!


Creating an online store that is profitable AND unique is absolutely possible!

Once you apply the mindset and strategy that I will teach you during this program, you will be able to: 


  • Launch Your Unique eCommerce Brand

  • Make additional income doing something you love 

  • Impact those around you with your products and your brand

  • Put action behind your goals and launch your unique product-based business in under 60 days!

This program will be opening soon for the first round of 2021! Save your seat below!

Phase 1: Build the Vision and The Brand

Your Brand is the Foundation of Your Profitable eCommerce Business.

Phase 1 is all about building the proper mindset and brand to succeed. 

Whether you are selling clothing, hair, stationery, or cooking spices, your unique brand will allow you to stand out in your industry. 


During this phase, you will establish your unique brand voice, identify your target audience, purchase inventory that fits your brand, and create a visual experience for your customer via social media! 

We will also do mindset checks along the way to ensure you are conquering any doubts or fear that tries to hold you back on your journey. 

Phase 2: Get Seen & Get Sales

Build a Platform That Attracts and Sells to Your Ideal Customers

This phase is the beginning of all things marketing! Even before launching, it's time to get seen by your potential customer!

You are not in business for everyone; instead, you are here to serve a specific group of people! In Phase 2, you will develop your website, pictures, social media accounts, and email list specifically for your target audience. 

Now it is time to get seen and set your business up for sales. 

Phase 3: Launch + Grow

By now, you've received all the tools you need for success.


In this phase, I simplify the launching process! You will receive fill in the blank social media and email marketing templates.  


With these easy to follow templates, you will know exactly what to say to your audience leading up to your launch (and beyond!) to create excitement for sales.


Here you'll also learn how to set goals and show up daily in your business.


It's time to launch and make those sales.

*Bonus Lesson: Financials! 

Bookkeeping, Taxes, Accounting!

Nervous about finances for your business? Here's the truth: most entrepreneurs are worried about this. I will be inviting my accountant to come in and teach the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping in your small business.

You'll have access to ask questions about legally forming your business, paying taxes, and keeping up with your business budget. 

Bonus Module: From eCommerce to Brand

Now that the business is built, what's next? In this bonus module, you will learn how to turn your eCommerce brand into multiple streams of income.


This does not have to stop with just an online store. In this course, you will learn how to build an online audience that supports your brand as you expand. 

You will also receive 2 bonus courses for FREE 

  • BONUS Intro to Ads Course*

  • BONUS YouTube for Business Course*

It’s time to stop feeling confused on how to finally launch and market your business. 

You know that once you get direction and a strategic plan to build your business, you’ll finally be able to create additional income and impact those around you with the products you sell. 

You will receive the tools and strategy necessary to launch in under 60 days successfully in the Brand Construction Accelerator!

"I did the pre-launch sale you taught in class and it did so good! ($800 in sales!); thank you Nataleh for your help!"- Saachi, Fashion Brand Owner

"I really hate that it's over already! But I feel absolutely ready to accomplish what her program set out for me to accomplish and that is to gain customers, brand my company, and increase my revenue.

I feel very confident that I have the necessary tools to move on more successfully in my boutique business. I was able to accomplish branding, finding my target audience, structure my business to run smoothly, market to my customers, and I'm well on my way to having multiple streams of income because of Nataleh." - JuanTierra, Boutique Owner, YouTuber, and Coach

"Attempting to start a business has been very intimidating. Having just completed week 3’s class Nataleh has been consistently thorough in the information she provides and is super helpful.

Before the class, I had no idea what the first step in starting a business was and Nataleh has made the process 1000x easier. I have no doubt this class is the reason I am able to finally make progression in the right direction. I definitely appreciate her essentially doing the leg work and providing the proper steps to get my business up and running." - Kristin, Boutique Owner

"Coaching with Nataleh was just what I needed to get my business to the point of launch, she was very knowledgeable and didn't hold back on information. Each week she set homework which enabled me to get closer to my goal.

I learned so much and by the end of the coaching sessions, I had strategies in place to have a fully-fledged business. Everything was put into bite-sized tasks, I like the fact that Nataleh gave an assessment at the beginning so she could tailor the strategy sessions to my particular needs.

Nataleh is patient and her style of coaching is first class my business will launch within the next two weeks and I am excited about the future. Best decision I made thus far" - Anj, Jewelry Store Owner


READY TO Finally Launch Your Online Brand? Save your seat below

Your Investment Options!

Pay in Full
This limited-time package includes: 
-Private 1:1 Coaching Session with Nataleh 
- 8 Weekly Strategy Sessions
- The Profitable Ecommerce Brand Workbook 
- Private Facebook Community 
- Bonus Legal and Financial Training Session with a Qualified Accountant
- Bonus "YouTube for Business Course" 
- Bonus "Intro to Ads Course" 
3 Installments of:
This limited-time package includes: 
- 8 Weekly Strategy Sessions
- The Profitable Ecommerce Brand Workbook 
- Private Facebook Community 
- Bonus Legal and Financial Training Session with a Qualified Accountant
- Bonus "YouTube for Business Course" 
- Bonus "Intro to Ads Course"